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Key Staff

We are pleased to offer you and your guests a professional and courteous staff to help plan and coordinate your event. Our staff is affiliated with the American Academy of Chefs and follows all ACF rules and requirements related to food preparation and serving. Joe LoCasale has retired but remains as a consultant to the new management team.


General Manager

Christopher Fostek

Chris has been a active member of the Black Rock Volunteer Fire Company since 2018 and previously served  with volunteer fire companies in New Jersey. He is the Secretary for the Black Rock Volunteer Fire                      Company and has volunteered for the position of General Manager. He has reviewed the existing contract formats and has revised the contracts to take into consideration the COVID sanitation requirements and the additional cost involved. Chris has a passion for cooking and will be working with the Executive Chef on any updates to our offerings or special menu requests. He is Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Responsible Alcohol Management Program trained, and will be attending the ServSafe Food Service Manager course once the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted. 

Bar Manager

Ramona Plant

        Ramona is an active volunteer with the Back Rock Volunteer Fire Company since 2013 and  is currently                   serving as the treasurer of the Black Rock Firefighters Relief Association. She has been a bartender for                     various events and is Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Responsible Alcohol Management Program trained.            

Event Managers

Our Event Managers will be assigned for each event and will be available to assist our clients in planning their event and will be on site during the event to address any concerns that may arise. The Event Manager will work under the guidance of either the General Manager or Assistant Manager.


Bartenders/Service Counter Attendants

       The bar tending staff is comprised of individuals who have successfully completed the Pennsylvania Liquor                 Control Board Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP). The RAMP training covers how to detect             fake IDs, identify signs of intoxication and responsibly manage patrons.

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